Thursday, 7 September 2017

BackBaller Review

Recently I was kindly sent the BackBaller by its creators in Ireland.  
Upon first opening I was impressed by the sturdy quality of the product, which includes: two (removable) high density foam rollers; a plastic frame and two instructions manuals.

To keep it short and sweet (as I have filmed a full vlog review on my Gridiron Strong YouTube) here’s what I thought of the BackBaller.

The Pros
Changeable rollers – I particularly like this feature as it allows the BackBaller to adjust to individual’s different anatomy.
The colour - Lime green colour is my favourite colour so I was particularly happy when I opened the box. For those of you who aren’t so keen on green, the BackBaller is also available in bright pink.
The design - The design of the roller ensures that pressure is taken off the vertebral column, allowing for safer rolling.
The programme - The BackBaller comes with two handy leaflets - one for the wall and one for your pocket. These outline the recommended BackBaller programme. Perfect if you need some guidance!
Versatility – The BackBaller targeted areas that other rollers previously haven’t. For instance, my upper back felt so good during and following use of the BackBaller and I’ve never had that feeling before. The ridges on the roller just seem to target areas perfectly.
Non-moving – This BackBaller roller doesn’t move on the floor when you’re rolling, ensuring deep soft-tissue release. This is due to the plastic frame and its neoprene grip feet.

The Cons
The Price - The usual price of the back baller is £90. I don’t think I would pay full price, despite its top quality. It is currently available at £55 so get it quick while it’s on offer!
2 colour options – There are only two colour options – green and pink – but it’s the quality of the product that really matters.  
The Weight – The BackBaller is heavier and larger than other rollers, but I would argue that is still transportable, and definitely worth a little extra weight as it is very versatile.

I would suggest the BackBaller is a worthwhile investment for sports teams to keep at their training facility. A couple of these would be ideal for teams to use pre-and post games.

Take a look at my vlog review on my Gridiron Strong channel here

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