Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Winter Essential

If you’re to get one thing this winter let it be this... the Swell bottle.

I won my swell bottle through a Flybery competition and wow, it’s not only gorgeous, it actually works!! 

It’s the blooming best drink bottle I’ve ever had! Perfect for my long days in the cold coaching and working as a therapist. I’ll make a fresh coffee at approx 5.50am and no lies, when I go to take a drink after work at 6pm the coffee is at a perfect drinking temperature! Not cold and not too hot. Plus, there’s no metal-ly taste that you get with cheaper thermos bottles. 

These bottles are perfect for the outdoors type or those with a long commute. 

Here are the pros - 

  • These bottles are sustainable! By purchasing a Swell bottle you won’t waste your money at Starbucks using plastic cups that are only to be thrown away after use. 
  • Drinks stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 24hrs! (I've tried it, it works!!!)  The opening is even large enough to slot in ice cubes if you fancied something ultra cool.
  • They don’t leak or give you that funny coffee moustache you get when walking and sipping.
  • The 17oz Swell bottle holds a lot of coffee - probably the perfect amount for me! It's bigger than any Costa you’d get. But if you want something smaller, they do smaller sizes in the 'tumblers' and 'travellers'.
  • Varied designs of pretty patterns - the Swell bottle is designed for all. From marble effects to bottles covered in swarovski crystals to glitter, to prints, to matt plain designs. 
  • Triple-walled technology allows your bottle to remain warm without nasty condensation. 
  • The bottles are BPA free, so you won't be left with a nasty taste in your mouth.
  • Travel friendly - the 17oz bottle fits perfectly in my car holder and the secure top doesn't leak when the bottle is flung in my bag to go coaching.
  • Not only are the bottles great, but Swell are also a partner of UNICEF USA, giving back to the wider community. What's not to love? 

The cons? I can't find any...

Here are my favourites Swell bottle designs - 
Teakwood Design

The White Marble - my own bottle 

Onyx Tumber

If you're a travelling therapist like myself, who's often on the road visiting Starbucks and Costa to keep the energy levels high, and then stood in the cold for hours on end... Grab yourself one of these bottles! They are a life-saver!
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